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Mar 6, 2011 6:30pm PST
hill on the holmenkollen opened in 1892. the ski jump has been rebuilt 18 times. this is what it used to look like. ♪ the headquarters of julien de smedt are in copenhagen. there are also offices in oslo and brussels. this is where the new ski jump was designed. it was a considerable challenge for the young team. it was a foray into traditional and high-tech territory. >> you needed a certain width. you also needed to have protection from the wind all along the course. the same goes for appear. you need a strong protection from the wind. you have a separation occurs along the facades. the separation of requires a type of filtering so you do not create extra turbulence in the space. you fell to the wind -- you filter the wind and slow it down. >> he is not the only one to design and ski jumps recently. someone is planning to design an artificial slope in copenhagen. in oslo, visitors can travel to the very tip in a diagonal lift. ♪ from there, they have a view over the whole city and the sea. it is peaceful affair compared to the activity of the bottom. preparations for the nordic
Mar 27, 2011 6:30pm PDT
is on the handlebars but riders can also use pedal power. this rider is traveling at 40 kilometers an hour. but bikes can reach 100 kilometers an hour. >> it's incredible how much nour electric bike has. >> and this is where it's made. p.g. bikes in southern germany. in twipe the company's founder had the idea to build this luxury electric bike which officially isn't a bike at all. >> according to german and european standards, the black trail is a motor bike, so you need a motorcycle license to ride it or you can ride it like a mow ped or scooter. >> the company has been building bikes and ebikes for those who appreciate modern technology and novel design. the company's black trail model is attracting a lot of attention. it boasts a 16 horsepower electric motor, a battery range that gives you 1,600 kilometers on a single charge and has parts used like carbon, like used in formula one cars. >> it's incredibly light and strong. this rim can hold three up thes and weighs 3/4 of a kilo and you can't break the spokes no matter how hard you try. you can't twist or bend it. >> the black trail took nine mon
Mar 20, 2011 6:30pm PDT
names, like u.s. actors live tyler, fashion critic na went to war, and pot -- and father paul mccartney. >> carolina coco but is one of the great models around today and is now worthy of the title supermodels. she is said to be the one of the most -- the nicest in the business. she was nice enough to spend a day with us in the french capital while she was rushing from one show to the next. >> that is the walk of a super model in a fashion show. >> while this is her in private on the streets of paris. born in what was then czechoslovakia, today she is one of the highest paid models in the world. during the paris shows, her agency is in a commotion of activity. but in the midst of all, carol linnik is an island of column. -- carol lena is an island of calm. now 26, shuster of which was just 16. >> for four years straight i had no time to see friends and have fun. i really worked. >> but the hard work was worth it. her career went ballistic. she became the model of choice for labels like vehrs taji and york. -- versace and oior. >> i love carolina. she is a great woman. >> the top model p
Mar 13, 2011 6:30pm PDT
is often key to sebastian's success. he was inspired by christmas martials when he -- he used paper-thin glass with silver coating on the inside. the color of his glass was the inspiration. these lamps can be plugged into each other or plugged into other household products. >> some people might think designers are superofficial and just come up with new styles. but design also involves using know-how to create a new product. it's often the designers themselves that inspire the new direction taken by engineers. >> he is only 29 but already has some speck tackler achievements under his belt. he was invited to milan twice and teaches as the -- >> in 2010 he won the coveted red-dot award. he's the rising star of german design. >> i don't see myself as a star at all. of course it's a great honor to get all these prizes. i'm still overjoyed to have received them. it's nice to be known people understand your products. >> he designs new concepts with the -- with international companies. >> this bird house was designed in cooperation with the calone company. the idea was that you can attach
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4